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Manufacturing by state of art with Modern technology
Quality products, meets international standard
Committed Shipment
Fully equipped laboratory for QC with latest instrument
Trained and experienced staff in all field
Strict quality control at each stage during the production.
Use best quality Raw Material
SCHEDULE-M GMP certification
ISO 9000:2008 Certified Company
WHO Approved(shortly get it)

The core team consists of the board of directors advised by a group of senior professionals and experts in / the respective fields to formulate policies and plans are actively involved in the management of our company.

The greatest assets of our organization are our people. Through a process of picking and choosing we have acquired a significantly large and competent set of personnel to organize, lead and accomplish our desired goals. Today we have the confidence of accomplishing and delivering the results considering the demanding needs of today.

In order to built an expert team, an intensive trainingof all personnels, initially or on the job, is conducted by in house experts or outside experts (technical or non technical).

Team of leaders with proven competence and capabilities, organizing themselves into groups, constantly updating and upgrading themselves to meet any challenges. We have inducted adequate number of technocrats and managers to man every sphere e of activity. They are capable of organising, planning and executing the policies and programs of the organization. There are Managerial positions.


One of the most critical areas which is given utmost importance. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled scientists and technocrats capable of undertaking research and development, manufacturing , quality assurance, quality control, engineering and other activities. Each area has adequate number of supporting and subordinate staff and is kept update and is at readiness to undertake the talks at hand.

Some  Key personnel of our Organization: Name of Personnel Qualification Designation
1: Er. Anil Singh B.E, MBA C.M.D.
2: Dr. Vibhanshu Vikram Singh MBBS G.M.
3: Mr. Brijvir Singh M.Sc., PGDCA, DNY D.G.M. (Plant)
4: Mr. A K Tyagi BSc, PGD, PBM Production Manager
5: Mr. Ashish Srivastava M.Sc Asst. Manager Q.C


Sufficient number of ancillary staff forming the lifeline of the organization. These include managers of finance and accounts, HRD, administration, procurement, material management etc.


Entire plant is provided with environmental controls. Suitable lines are available for compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum, steam and water as per requirements of the specific areas. Designs are made considering the latest trends and possible future expansions. All supporting utilities with adequate power supply and provision for captive generation of electricity to facilitate uninterrupted activities are provided. Provision has been made for obtaining ground water for drinking, sanitation, processing, horticulture and other activities. Arrangements are made to collect, store and distribute water as perthe needs. Suitable arrangement has been made for rainwater harvesting to harness this precious natural resource. Required processing equipments are installed to provide water supply to various sections and for preparing the specific quality and quality of water and steam. Separate Air Handling units and HVAC systems are installed. We have installed 48 AHUs supplied by Carryair. An excellent communication network within the premises is installed. Large storage areas are available for storage of raw materials and packaging materials at various stages and finished goods.